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Perth Craft & Quilt Fair

Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

22/05/2019 - 26/05/2019

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Ozecraft Dye Kit
Ozecraft Dye Kit
$27.50 per kit complete with 3 bottles of dyes. (48 mls each)

Ozecraft Dyes are for dyeing 100% Natural Fibres.

Comes complete with 2 brushes, mixing tray with lid (for storage) spray bottle selection of motifs, lace, and choice of 3 dyes and instruction for use.


 Ozecraft Dye Instructions 

Available in: Ashen Rose, Black, Blush, Brown, Champagne, Chocolate, Cream, Dark Grey, Dusty Pink, Edwardian Pearl, Edwardian Red, Edwardian Rose, Forest Green, Fuschia, Golden Ash, Gothic Grape, Green, Juicy Mandarin, Kerman Blue, Lavender, Lilac, Linen, Luscious Lime, Olive, Pale Blue, Pansy, Persian Gold, Red, Regency Rose, Saffron, Seamist, Shiraz, Southern Peach, Turquoise, Tuscany, Victorian Plum, Violet, Wisteria

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